Popular Types Of Ankle Boots

Ankle boots make a popular choice among the style lovers. These kinds of shoes are known for being trendy, stylish and perfect to wear for all purposes. There is a large variety of ankle boots available on the market. They differ in materials, styles and heel heights. The main classifications of the ankle boots are done based on gender. The ankle boots for men and women are different. If you love to wear the ankle boots then here we have the classifications of the ankle boots that would go with your personal preferences and individual traits. 

Ankle boots for women

The ankle boots for women are sleek and stylish. They are made in light materials and are not heavy to move around with. The popular ankle boots that are mainly made for women are as follows:

  1. Kitten Heel Boots

If you are a busy woman who has to spend hours at work and still wants the feet to stay comfortable all day through then these ankle boots are there right choice for a woman like you. They look great for formal meetings. They are sleek, stylish, stable and very easy to carry all through the day. They are known for perfect stability. The heel measures a comfortable two inches or less thus, they look elegant on all feet.

  1. Wedge Heel Boots

The heel height is comparatively more than the kitten heel ankle boots but there is no problem in maintaining stability and comfort. As there is no gap between the toes and the high heel shoes as is seen in other types of heels, hence, they are more comfortable than many other types of ankle boots. The base of the shoe supports the entire foot therefore, it stays in contact with the ground properly.


  1. Block Heel Boots

They are a super cool option for the forms meetups usually the meetings, conferences and interviews. The block heel looks stable but in reality, it is not as stable as the wedges. The gap exists between the toes and the heels. Many users who are wearing these for the first time find them hard to handle. They are also known as the chunky heels.

  1. Peep Toe Boots

These boots are for the fun times and make a great choice for the women of style. The toe is visible therefore, they get the name of peep-toes. If you are wearing something like a skirt, trouser or party wear then it is a great idea to switch to peep-toe ankle boots.

  1. Flat Ankle Boots

They are a perfect choice for casual times. The people who are not comfortable with the heels love the flat ankle boots for regular wear.


Ankle boots for men

Given below are the popular ankle boots for men:

  1. Lace-up ankle boots

They are great support for the foot whether in office or the fitness ground. They come in formal looking options too which make them the right choice for the festive moments.

  1. Chelsea Boots

These boots are trendy, stylish and extremely comfortable. They can be worn to multiple destinations. They look equally good with the casual wear as they do with the formal one.

  1. Walking Boots

They are a perfect choice for health and fitness freaks.